Saturday, November 10

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Check to see if it's answered here before emailing me please.

Why is bathroom graffiti such a big deal to you?
Answer: It's not, really. I'm not even all that excited about writing on walls and doors, but there are so many creative folks out there doing it, I figure we can all get a giggle out of it.

Do you ever write, draw, or scratch things on bathroom walls?
Answer: No. I would never mess up someone else's property. Not only does it take time out of my busy day, but it also isn't worth the risk of jail time to "make my mark".

This blog is a waste of time.

Answer: Yeah, go tell that to the folks over at or any other of the thousands of highly successful sites on the internet catering specifically to helping you waste time, and see if they care any more than I do what you think about their amusements. Anyhow, weren't you wasting several minutes of your "oh-so-precious" time sending me a note about how I'm a time-waster? Wow, that's impressive, but at least I'm having fun! *grin*

Aren't you promoting people to break the law by showcasing their crimes?
Answer: People have been scribbling their thoughts and ideas on whatever was handy for centuries. This little blog isn't going to encourage them any more than it will stop them. We're just here for fun.

I sent you something ages ago, why haven't you used it?
Answer: Sorry, hundreds of emails eagerly spill into my inbox each day. I will email you when/if yours gets posted. If I overlooked yours, I'm sorry. I'm a busy gal, and I don't get paid to do this.

What are your suggestions for comments?
Answer: Here are some, thanks for asking:
1) Avoid obscenity, slander, and violence.
2) I delete spam as soon as I see it.
3) Please be friendly. We're all here for the fun of it, otherwise we wouldn't be here at all.

Do you have a policy about responding to email?
Answer: I email folks when I post their submissions, but do not email to explain why things didn't get posted. I will respond to other emails if I feel like it and have the time. I'd love to respond to everyone, and I appreciate you taking the time to email me, but if I answered everyone's emails, I wouldn't have any time left for my career or my kids.